Fletcher’s most delicious conference?

gender conference cookiesThe Hall of Flags is currently abuzz with a bake sale in support of November’s 5th Annual Conference on Gender in International Affairs. The bake sale, that classic, defining form of informal fundraising, may call to mind images of rickety card tables with a few plates of Rice Krispie treats, brownies, and chocolate chip cookies. Leave it to the Gender Conference to remind us to check our assumptions, however. This is one serious array of sweet meats, both tasty AND informative. Let a delicious peanut butter sandwich cookie allay your sadness and frustration at learning that it will take 108 years to close the gender gap, or that women make up less than 25% of Congress. I don’t tend to have much of a sweet tooth myself, but the vegan cookies simply looked too good to pass up, and I’ll look forward to my special afternoon snack. And a tip of the cap to the brave soul willing to destroy this work of art by ordering the first slice:

Gender conference cookies


This year’s conference will include panels on Women in Conflict, Decoding the Patriarchy, Bodies as Battlegrounds, Gender Research Design, and many more. The conference will excitedly welcome Samantha Power as its keynote speaker. I’m confident that the food comas and sugar highs will have worn off by mid-November when the event gets underway.

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