Aki looks back on his first Fletcher year

Long time no see! I trust that all you students are relishing your summer vacation. For those among you who are employed, you may be contemplating how to best utilize your summer recess. As for myself, I am currently situated outside the United States. In this blog entry, I aim to provide a summary of the past year, encompassing the completion of my studies at Fletcher during the Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 semesters.

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Birendra’s spring break

Spring break just went by, meaning differently for different students. For some this was an opportunity to explore the USA, some visited family and friends, some just did some unwinding and as for me – I took the opportunity to engage in some more in-depth research in topics relating to humanitarian justice and writing two papers (with support of two of my professors, one in the UN and another at the world bank).

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PhDs, too!

Hi Blog readers — I’m Jessica, former blogger-in-chief, and now an occasional guest writer.

As you probably know, Fletcher released admission decisions a few weeks ago, and nearly all those yeses and nos went to applicants to our master’s-level programs.  A relatively small number of responses winged their way to applicants to the school’s PhD Program in International Relations.  You might be one of the handful of newly admitted PhD students but, since there are very few, you’re more likely to be wondering why you would care about the PhD program, as you’re researching graduate schools.  I’m here to tell you why!

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