Student bloggers: introducing Sapna

Hi, I am Sapna, a MALD “super-second year” (we haven’t yet found a good word to describe a MALD student in their 5th semester, all suggestions welcome). Due to the pandemic, some of us who joined in September 2019 took a leave of absence or reduced course load, so “super-second year” basically means I get to experience Fletcher life for a semester longer than usual. I am not complaining!

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Decolonizing International Relations Conference

One of my favorite annual Fletcher events took place recently, feeling refreshingly back to normal for its in-person format. The Decolonizing International Relations Conference is notable not only for its fascinating content, but for the fact that it is an entirely student-organized affair. It’s become one of Fletcher’s major annual scholarly events in a short time, and we have the initiative and energy of our student community to thank for it.

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