Fletcher heads to Quantico

Fletcher typically has a prominent military portion of our community, with a significant number of students who are veterans or active-duty service members, in addition to several faculty whose work focuses on security policy and military affairs. One of their important functions is to act as liaisons for non-military students interested in learning more about various areas of the armed forces. For those of us with no direct experience or connection, the military can seem complicated and a bit intimidating.

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Fletcher team wins Cyber 9/12 competition!

Not too long ago I wrote about the proliferation of cybersecurity-related curriculum and activity at Fletcher, including a brief mention of the annual Cyber 9/12 Strategy Challenge hosted by The Atlantic Council. Fletcher teams have taken part in the competition for three or four years now. They’ve consistently returned invigorated by the experience, and on occasion a bit awed by the level of technical and policy expertise to which they were exposed at the event. It’s struck me as a great learning experience for the growing contingent of Fletcher students interested in cyber issues.

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New student bloggers: Meet Samira

It’s one of my favorite times of year on the blog calendar: the introduction to our readers of our new first-year student bloggers! Samira and I were in touch early in the year about her interests in blogging, and it was such a thrill when we finally crossed paths in person during the first few weeks of the semester. Welcome to Fletcher, and to the Admissions blog, Samira!

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Meet the 2019-2020 Admissions Graduate Assistants

With both the academic and admissions year well underway, it’s a good time to introduce (and re-introduce) our Admissions Graduate Assistants. These Fletcher students are crucial all our operations, and in many cases will be the first person with whom prospective students correspond and visitors meet upon their arrival. We’re so happy to have John and Madhuri (our second-year returnees) back, and to welcome Dani to our team, as well.

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