New anti-corruption research from MALD student Rosemary Ventura

Longtime readers may have some familiarity with the Corruption, Justice and Legitimacy (CJL) Program, which is occasionally highlighted in this space. It’s part of the work of the Henry J. Leir Institute for human security, one of Fletcher’s very active research centers, The CJL Program is a great example of the ways students get involved in scholarly research while here. It was a great pleasure to hear recently from current MALD student Rosemary Ventura, who shared some details about her current work with CJL.

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An update from Mohit: “My Last Semester at Fletcher”

It’s time to check in with 2nd-year MALD student Mohit. Longtime readers know Mohit to be a particularly busy student, between his work as a development entrepreneur and the demands of finishing his studies (and, of course, as a regular blog contributor!). He nonetheless recently found some time to reflect back on his final semester, and his larger experience at Fletcher.

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