Summer fieldwork and conferences with the Fletcher Educational Enrichment Fund

Regular blog readers may have previously heard of the Fletcher Educational Enrichment Fund (FEEF), a resource for students interested in conducting independent research for a capstone, undertaking summer fieldwork, participating in conferences, and generally pursuing experiential opportunities that otherwise might carry prohibitive costs. One great thing about the program is that it’s not restricted to the academic year. While many Fletcher students are in formal internships or work during summer break, there are also a fair number engaged in other pursuits (as an alternative or in addition to an internship) during this time. As summer begins to wind down, we’re starting to get some details on what FEEF grant recipients have been up to.

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Gary reflects on his time at Fletcher

It’s been particularly great to have Gary as a student blogger over the past couple of years, since he’s provided a different perspective on life at Fletcher as a PhD student. The PhD program is a vital and vibrant portion of the larger Fletcher community, but given that its students move a bit differently through the curriculum in both content and timing, and often are infrequently in residence after completing their coursework requirements, they can on occasion get lost in the shuffle. We’ll miss Gary’s blog updates from PhD land, and seeing him regularly in the Hall of Flags, though his remaining PhD obligations ensure that we’ll at least have the occasional chance to catch up with him in the coming years

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New alumna Kaitlyn looks back on her Fletcher experience

A hearty thanks and belated congratulations to Kaitlyn, one of Fletcher’s newest alumna, and a two-year veteran student blogger. She’s provided lots of eloquent insight, as well as a generous view of her own path through Fletcher, over the past few years in her series of posts. Her reflections upon graduation ably capture the special energy each class brings to Fletcher.

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Capstone Haikus

I’ve been happy to see the revival in recent years of Capstone haikus, one of my favorite unofficial Fletcher traditions. Finals week is a stressful time, and for graduating students, the push to finish the Capstone adds an extra layer of anxiety (as well as likely removing several hours of sleep) to an already fraught period. As students approached the finish line over the past few weeks, many shared these Capstone encapsulations in haiku form on the social list.

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And just like that, members of the Fletcher Class of 2019 are officially alumni! It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were busy convoking the academic year, and here we are already recapping the season’s most anticipated finale outside of Westeros. On the weather side of things, there’s mixed news to report. For Saturday’s Class Day festivities, we lucked into probably the nicest day we’ve had all spring. Sunny, warm, and just generally the kind of day that makes you want to hang around outside. For Commencement itself on Sunday, less so. While the big tent provides good protection from the vicissitudes of the sky, the ground makes itself felt in a downpour, too, and there are likely a few muddy pairs of Maglis and Manolos due for a cleaning this week.

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Classroom feedback with MALD student Diana and Prof. Ebrahim

Professor Alnoor Ebrahim is one of Fletcher’s most popular instructors. Don’t take my word for it: check him out receiving the Paddock Teaching Award (sort of the Best Professor Oscar at Fletcher) at last year’s commencement ceremonies. We were extremely fortunate to have him as a member of the Admissions Committee a few years ago, and his thoughtfulness was a huge asset to our work. It’s also on display during orientation week at the beginning of each academic year in the “Rules of Engagement” session he administers, in which he encourages new students to take a few moments to consider how they can create respectful and productive relationships with all members of the Fletcher community, including student colleagues, faculty, and administrators. He’s an expert at creating an inclusive and welcoming environment.

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