An unusual Thanksgiving

In this era of all days being the same, Thanksgiving has snuck up on me this year. In a normal fall full of Admissions travel, I know Thanksgiving is just about here when I start feeling like I can’t stand the thought of dealing with another airport, at which point we promptly head to the airport to visit my wife’s family for the holiday. Things are different this year, a sentiment from which I’ve gotten a lot of mileage lately.

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Thanksgiving well wishes

Thanksgiving! A non-scientific, small-n survey of People I Talk To yields the conclusion that it’s pretty close to a consensus favorite holiday. The specific reasons for this likely vary from person to person, as “typical” Thanksgiving celebrations can range from the local and fairly simple to complex and far-flung affairs involving all kinds of extended family. At minimum, most folks can count on a gigantic meal with little of the guilt that normally comes with gluttony. 

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is perhaps the most literally-named of the major American holidays. I’ve always appreciated a holiday predicated upon the idea of slowing down for a few moments to reflect upon all the good things in life. Of course, if you’re cooking, traveling, or hosting family and friends, it may not seem slow and relaxing at all, but here we’ll dwell on the positives. Non-political, non-religious, and basically universal in the US, Thanksgiving is a great standard bearer for the sadly dwindling category of Things We Can All Agree On.

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