Happy Thanksgiving!

A tradition second in importance only to the Thanksgiving holiday itself, the annual Thanksgiving blog post is a treasured one in this space. My blog forebear Jessica made a point of highlighting her enthusiasm for Thanksgiving annually (as you can see from the archives), and it’s one that she and I share. All holidays have at least something to recommend them, but Thanksgiving is really the whole package, and certainly high on my personal list of favorites.

Though it isn’t strictly an American holiday there’s nonetheless something distinctly American-feeling about Thanksgiving. You can point to its excessive quantities of everything (definitely American), or the traditional NFL games held on the day (DEFINITELY American), or the fact that nowadays the Christmas Industrial Complex is in full swing even before we’ve gotten to Thanksgiving (MOST DEFINITELY American). To me, though, it’s the fact that it’s a holiday without many “rules” save for the common practice of having a big ol’ turkey dinner. Other than that, it’s largely shaped by individual and family preference and tradition, something befitting of a large and pluralistic society. For some it’s a big, messy, extended family affair, and for others a quiet few days to relax. Some people mix marshmallows and sweet potatoes (seriously, people, gross. You’ll never convince me otherwise.), while others prefer to enjoy their food. For everyone, though, it’s a chance to reflect upon and revel in all the good things in life. For quite a few Fletcher students, their first year in Medford is their first exposure to the holiday, and there are typically a good number of student gatherings and celebrations among those staying in the area.

So happy Thanksgiving to all our readers! I’m thankful for your continued interest in this blog, and in The Fletcher School.

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