Spring social list fun

It’s time for our semesterly check-in on the Social List, that teeming, largely-unfiltered, ongoing omnibus conversation the Fletcher student community has with itself over email. This is a good time of year to appreciate the Social List in its full glory: there are still a variety events taking place over the next few weeks before the run-up to finals and commencement, but there’s also already a smattering of end-of-year transactions (lots of graduation robes and household items for sale), as well as occasional evidence of a number of students getting a bit punchy as the academic year hits its home stretch.

The Social List has recently reminded students of panel discussions on careers in impact investing and the humanitarian crisis in South Sudan, the Tufts Energy Conference, a conversation with an NYPD counter-terrorism specialist, and the last day for French citizens to register to vote in the upcoming European elections. There’s been a call for applications for a scholarship in nonviolent resistance work, a plea for help in finding a lost phone, an invitation to learn to swing dance at an upcoming social event, and a request to borrow any available camping equipment. Need books for The Role of Force or Microeconomics for next fall? The Social List has you covered. Perhaps most importantly, we also recently learned that one of our students was soundly beaten by another in both Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart in a single evening (though that victory declaration was almost immediately disputed by the aggrieved party). As we’re a school full of aspiring diplomats, I’m confident this last contretemps will get smoothed over amicably, but I’ll be keeping a close eye on the Social List in the coming days for further news!


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