Application advice

With the first application deadline approaching – October 10, for January 2023 enrollment – a lot of prospective students will be starting to peck away at their applications in the coming weeks and months. Each year I like to provide a bit of guidance around preparing the different parts of the application, and this year I’m enlisting the help of my Admissions colleagues. Over the next couple weeks we’ll share a load of tips, advice, and pitfalls to avoid as you assemble your application materials.

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Your scholarship funding primer

Scholarship funding is a big focus for admitted students around this time of year. I’ve written recently about the importance of working on a broad-based financial plan, and most applicants hope that scholarship funding will make up as large a part of that plan as possible. Each year the release of admissions decisions triggers a huge number of requests for scholarship reconsideration and increased funding, so it seems worthwhile to dig into our process a bit to answer some of the most common questions our office receives.

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