Admissions interviews now available

With the application for 2023 enrollment now live, the Admissions season is quickly gearing up. Our fall interview program will soon be underway, and in fact there are already some interview slots available for  particularly enterprising applicants.

While interviews are an optional part of the application process, we strongly recommend candidates take advantage of the opportunity (which should be done before submitting the application). Interviews allow applicants another opportunity to present themselves in their own words, both complementing and adding additional information and context to the contents of your written application. It’s also a great chance for candidates to learn more about Fletcher from a current student interviewer. Interviews nearly always add value to an application.

You can sign up directly on the interview registration portal. Those of you not quite ready to submit your application but still looking to get a few questions answered can schedule a meeting with an admissions counselor. One way or another, we’ll hope to speak with you soon!

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