Foreign language opportunities at Fletcher

While most Fletcher students don’t have a mandatory foreign language requirement, many have interest in improving or maintaining their level of foreign language proficiency. There are a variety of opportunities for students pursue foreign language study and practice, ranging from organized classroom settings to casual conversation.

Those interested or in need of more formal instruction have the option to pursue language courses via cross registration with the Tufts School of Arts and Sciences or at Harvard. Students looking for a language proficiency credential have the option to test through Fletcher’s partnership with Language Testing International. There are also a variety of slightly less-formal conversation and practice options. The Fares Center for Eastern Mediterranean Studies recently made an announcement about its Language Tables program, through which it offers conversation sessions led by native speakers of Arabic, Hebrew, Turkish, and Farsi at all levels (with plans for Armenian coming into focus, too).

Fletcher also offers a language matching program to connect individuals and small groups for conversational practice, as well as small grants for language-based group activities. Each Fletcher class typically includes citizens of 50-60 countries, so there are a great many languages represented in the student community. All Fletcher students additionally have free access to Mango Languages to pursue self-directed online study.

There’s a good fit available for most students regardless of the language in question or comprehension level! You can read more about the various options on the Foreign Language Program page.

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