June 10 – Map Your Future application deadline

I’m coming at you with an unexpected deadline reminder today, readers. Yes, yes, I am indeed aware that it’s early May, and you’re forgiven if you thought we were through with application deadlines for a while. The current college seniors among you, however, have an important remaining deadline to be aware of. June 10 is the final deadline to apply to Fletcher via the Map Your Future (MYF) pathway.

Why such a late deadline? Map Your Future is unique in that its applicants are applying for a spot in the class two years from now. Open to those within six months of graduation, it allows students to apply for a deferred spot in a future class after gaining two to three years’ professional experience, which is strongly preferred for all Fletcher degree programs. Applicants have an extended period in which to prepare for grad school, while beginning their professional careers and continuing to shape their longer-term goals and interests.

For those thinking of grad school as something of a down-the-road engagement, the MYF pathway has several advantages. These applicants are reviewed as a separate cohort, so don’t “compete” against candidates with greater professional experience at the time of application. Additionally, those admitted via MYF who apply for scholarship aid are also guaranteed a minimum $10,000 award upon matriculation, which we hope provides a helpful head start in broader financial planning.

Over the ten or so years of its existence, MYF has brought extremely impressive students to Fletcher. They’ve been preparing, to some extent, for several years, and by the time they get here they’re clear on what they want to get out of their Fletcher experience, and full of experience-based points of contribution in the classroom and larger scholarly community. For us, it’s a special treat to see these candidates with whom we’ve worked for several years thriving so when they arrive at Fletcher.

So, college seniors, consider Mapping Your Future!

Register for an upcoming MYF virtual information session (5/19/2023) here.

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