Pulling back the admissions ‘curtain’ a bit further: Committee!

It’s an exciting and busy time for our office as we dive into assessing your applications post-scholarship priority deadline! My primary source of reassurance during this period—beyond the anticipated but welcomed fatigue resulting from extensive file review!—stems from my steadfast confidence in the integrity of our meticulous review process. Each application undergoes a rigorous examination, involving a minimum of three reviews. The admissions committee, comprising a diverse assembly of Admissions staff, faculty, and current student readers, with insights from the Office of Career Services and Student Services directors, collaborates to ensure a thorough evaluation. Committee meetings prioritize equitable participation, acknowledging the significance of diverse perspectives. Consensus remains a guiding principle to the process, even during intricate discussions that span from concise and strategic to profound and contemplative.

Directing our attention to recent committee meetings, such as one convened earlier today, they inspire thorough and spirited deliberations. Substantial time may be devoted to analyzing candidates with unconventional profiles, representing backgrounds that may historically be underrepresented. While enthusiasm abounds for their diverse life experiences, shared concerns may surface, particularly concerning specific aspects of their academic records. Simultaneously, the committee might grapple with candidates boasting stellar academic backgrounds from reputable institutions but with comparatively limited professional experience since graduation.

This process encapsulates the core methodology of our committee—an exhaustive examination of each case, the synchronization of diverse perspectives, and the flexibility to revisit decisions as necessary. In instances where supplementary information could sway decisions, resolutions might be temporarily deferred, allowing our office to conduct further investigations. And, mindful of potential biases, the committee ensures a balanced discourse where no singular viewpoint dominates.

Bottom line: rest assured that behind each decision lies a commitment to transparency, thoroughness, and a refined evaluation process—a process meticulously designed with fairness toward the applicant at the top of mind.

Don’t forget, too, that we have an additional + upcoming application deadline of February 20! Please reach out to our office for any questions you might have.

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