Happy First Day of Classes!

The anticipation for the first day of classes remains unwavering, despite morning snowfall in the Boston area! Over the weekend, new students, many hailing from different regions, eagerly finalized their course selections. In the Hall of Flags, curious expressions filled the air as they familiarized themselves with room names and numbers, embracing the (admittedly, sometimes confusing!) layout of Fletcher. Fortunately, returning students seem to enjoy offering advice, and guiding newcomers on their Fletcher journey.

As someone not directly tied to Fletcher as an alum, I eagerly anticipate sitting in on a few classes. This practice enriches my understanding of the Fletcher student experience, adding authenticity to my recruitment work. This semester, I’m particularly excited about attending Professor Josephine Wolff’s ‘International Cyber Conflict’ class and Prof. Christopher Miller’s ‘U.S. Foreign Policy, 1898 to Present’ class. The plethora of course options poses a delightful challenge for our students, who must narrow down their choices to just about four classes for the semester!

Last week’s Orientation marked Fletcher’s resurgence after the winter holidays, but it’s the commencement of classes that truly embeds the sense of entering a new calendar year. Wishing all students the best of luck—Happy 2024!


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