Introducing Rita

We’ve got one remaining introduction to make to readers, closing out a few weeks of welcoming new faces to the blog, and to our team. Rita Berglund joined the team last week as our new Staff Assistant, and we’re delighted to have her here. Current and prospective applicants to Fletcher should take particular note, as Rita is likely to be the first face greeting visitors to our office, and may also be a first point of contact for phone and email inquiries, as well. I’ll let Rita take things from here.

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Introducing Nick

Last week readers met our new first-year student bloggers, but there’s another important introduction remaining. Nick Gleason joined our team about a month ago as our new Assistant Director of Admissions & Financial Aid, and has rapidly immersed himself in the Fletcher community. As you’ll see below, some of Nick’s background is unique for Fletcher, though he also brings a great depth of admissions experience that’s already been of great benefit to our office.

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New student bloggers: Meet Samira

It’s one of my favorite times of year on the blog calendar: the introduction to our readers of our new first-year student bloggers! Samira and I were in touch early in the year about her interests in blogging, and it was such a thrill when we finally crossed paths in person during the first few weeks of the semester. Welcome to Fletcher, and to the Admissions blog, Samira!

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Career Services drops in to the Hall of Flags

Today, a brief highlight of a neat new service offered this year by the Office of Career Services (OCS). Our OCS colleagues are a nimble crew, and in the past few years they’ve added a variety of new types of programming to their already-substantial roster of services and activities for Fletcher students. The first few times I saw their staff hanging out in the Hall of Flags this semester, I figured they might be experiencing a space crunch in their office, and were just improvising some spillover meeting space. As I’ve since learned, though, their regular visits to the Hall of Flags are part of a new schedule of “drop-in hours” available to students for short appointments.

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Early Notification deadline – November 10

We’ve had a few blustery, rainy days here lately. Temperatures are getting cooler, and your Minister of Deadline Reminders and Other Action Items is hunkered down with his assistant. It seems as good a time as any to check in with current applicants planning to submit by the Early Notification (EN) deadline, who by now should be likewise hunkered down with their applications. The EN deadline is just a few weeks from now, on November 10.

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