By now, all those who completed applications to Fletcher for fall 2007 enrollment know the decision of the Committee on Admissions. (If you don’t yet know, please check your on-line account.) Of course, to all who have been admitted, I’d like to send my congratulations! It’s an exciting time for you, now that you have the information you need to get on with the planning of your graduate education. I look forward to hearing from you, and to meeting you in the near future.

This entry is really designed to answer some of the questions of applicants who learned they were not admitted. We never feel good when we can’t offer admission to an applicant, but making such decisions is a necessary part of the process. Most of you will have been admitted to another school, and will be able to shift your focus to plan your graduate education there. Best wishes for success in your studies!

Some of you may be considering other options. Maybe you have decided to continue on in your job. Maybe you are just graduating in May and will postpone graduate school to gain work experience. To this group, I want to say that Fletcher welcomes students to reapply and, every year, our incoming class includes second-time applicants. If you are interested in reapplying, you are invited to request feedback from us. You can make the request with an email .

Finally, there’s the group that was neither admitted nor denied admission: our wait listed candidates. We certainly understand the disappointment that comes with learning that you must continue to wait for a final decision. On the other hand, I should say that this year we received more applications, and admitted a smaller class, than we have in several years. You should feel confident that we believe you will succeed at Fletcher if admitted!

What should you do if you’re on the wait list? First, return the form to tell us you are interested in waiting. Remember that you will want to be making alternative plans at the same time. (Putting all your eggs in the Fletcher basket will be a mistake at this point.) We invite you to send us updates on your activities. A résumé reflecting a new job, new grade or test score reports, or other documents that show a change since you first applied (no term papers, please) will all be useful when we review the wait list.

As we have said before, we have truly enjoyed learning about you through your applications. We wish you all success, whether at Fletcher or elsewhere, in your studies and future career.


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