Our first enrollment decision deadline was April 20. We love getting the daily (sometimes hourly) updates on which of the admitted students will join us at Fletcher in September. There are still quite a few people to hear from before the second deadline of May 1 – so we’ll keep checking the mail, the email, and the on-line responses.

Those of you who are enrolling should know that, from this point forward, the process of molding the class is up to you and your fellow students! The Admissions Committee may have made the selections, but it’s up to you to make the experience! Of course, you’ll have support from returning students, faculty, and staff, but each class takes on its own themes and flavor.

Enrolling students won’t hear too much from us in May, but should expect a packet from the registrar some time in June. The packet will contain information and forms (universities and forms go together like milk and cookies) to get you started on the registration process.

Classes end on Friday, and we just held the last information session of the spring. We still welcome visitors, but there are fewer opportunities for observation as the student community disburses for the summer. If you’re interested in a visit, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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