In the interest of full disclosure, I’m not much of a sports fan, but I live with one 17-year-old sports fanatic, and a 13-year-old whose brother is a sports fanatic (trickle-down fanaticism), so what can I do but pay a bit of attention?  And this fall, there’s so much to pay attention to!

There are few bleary eyes at Fletcher today, because the Red Sox won last night in such convincing fashion.  We non-fanatics could all go to sleep when they were up 10-1 (before 11:00 p.m.).  Overall, I’d say that this year’s World Series lacks the intensity of the 2004 “Reverse the Curse” series.  For that matter, it’s also not as intense as some of the previous almost-great seasons that kept Red Sox Nation awake to the late hours.  But most people seem pretty comfortable with the idea of perennial winners.

And, in fact, the Red Sox have not won championships with anything like the regularity of the Patriots.  Here, I need to refer readers to the experts.  I’m not a football person.

But I’ve always loved basketball, and the Celtics are finally worth our attention again.  It has been a long dry spell for a storied franchise, but my in-home sports expert tells me that the Pierce-Garnett-Allen team core will bring great basketball to the Garden again.

If your sports interests were born in a different country, rest easy!  The Boston area is loaded with pubs and restaurants where transplanted fans of international soccer(aka football)/rugby/cricket can watch games.  My husband spent the last two Saturday afternoons at the Phoenix Landing,  a Cambridge pub that drew people together for the Rugby World Cup.  He reported that plenty of South Africans joined the usual British pub-dwellers for the match.

So, sports fans, now’s the time!  Come to Fletcher and join the sports-crazed among our students in playing your favorite game, or for multicultural cheering.




One Response to Sports Fan? Come to Boston, NOW!

  1. Trevor McNeil says:

    Not a sports fan either – but, I love some Red Sox…

    Always a good reason to consider Fletcher…

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