Although all Admissions staff members conduct interviews, the majority of our applicants are met by a current student. Here, one of our veteran volunteers describes the experience.

Welcome to the Admissions Blog! My name is Margherita and I am a second-year MALD student from Italy.

This is my second year as a volunteer interviewer of prospective students for the Admissions Office. I really enjoy interviewing potential classmates and future members of the Fletcher community. It is so nice to have an opportunity to help Admissions in the hard task of selecting a new class. It makes me feel part of the community to help create the new group of students, with incredibly interesting and different backgrounds, who will join Fletcher and will sit next to us in class or will be part of our network.

Having current students interview prospective students is part of this unique Fletcher feature: creating a friendly environment where interesting people meet, learn, study, share experiences, have fun (we also have fun!) and help each other!

I love meeting the applicants. It reminds me how much I was hoping to be accepted at Fletcher, how much time I spent writing my application, and all the questions I had in my mind, such as: Am I the right match for Fletcher?; Are students happy there?; What do they think about the classes and the professors?; Is it true that diversity is one of the School’s strengths?; What does being part of the Fletcher community mean in practice?

For those of you interested in attending Fletcher, coming for an interview is a great opportunity to ask questions of a current student. But it also helps you to gain a sense of what Fletcher is, to understand better if Fletcher is what you want and if it will suit you. And it is a chance for you to share your experiences and interests with Fletcher. Although the interview is not required, it certainly helps both you and the Admissions Office in the application and selection process! So my advice to those of you who have a chance, is to call the admissions office and set up an interview!

Good luck with your application!


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