Sneaking in under the one-week wire, I’d like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! I hope it is a year of peace for all of us.

I spent the holiday week in London with my husband’s family. Happily, my son submitted all but one of his college applications before we left, and he could enjoy himself. Unhappily, one university that has its own “special” protocol mailed him (old style – with a postage stamp) a link to a supplementary application. The mail awaited him when we returned home on December 31. Naturally, the supplemental application was due December 31. Ugh. Jet lag and college applications. Not a good combination.

Not to mention that he was forced to ignore the advice of his mother to submit applications early. And also the advice of his mother to write essays that are as long as the universities will allow. Why waste the opportunity to tell the admissions committee as much as they’re willing to hear? But jet lag and new essays aren’t a good combination, either. The only choice for him was to do his best, and zap it through.

Applications are being zapped into our office at a rapid pace now, and the heap of mail grows by the day. It’s a busy time, to be sure. But not too busy to answer your questions! Recently, quite a few polite applicants have apologized for taking my time when the office is busy. Of course, I appreciate the politeness. Also, of course, I appreciate when applicants look at the web site to be sure their question isn’t answered there. But answering questions is what we’re here for, so don’t hesitate to send the perplexing ones our way.

I wish you all the smooth completion of your applications!


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