I’m sorry about the week-long absence. It’s still a little unclear to me what happened, but I think there was a technical problem with the organization that hosts Fletcher’s blogs. No matter, it’s all back up now.

And here’s a little update. The final (extended) deadline for application with scholarship consideration to the MALD, MA, MIB, or PhD programs was last Tuesday, but we certainly didn’t wait until the 22nd to start reading applications. In fact, the MALD/MA Committee on Admissions has already met twice, once in each of the last two weeks, and the process is well underway. At the same time, there are still sizable stacks of mail and of credentials working their way into application files.

I’ll have more to say later in the week. Just wanted to welcome back you back, dear blog readers. Rest assured that though the blog was on a break, the Admissions Office certainly wasn’t.


One Response to Back in Business

  1. Shen Ying says:

    So glad to come back to this cozy blog after one-week waiting!

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