Mother Nature – 1, Admissions Office – 0

The guy on the news just said that 632 public or private schools and school districts in the Boston area have closed today. Tufts is one of them. A fast moving “Nor’easter” is swooping up the coast. We may end up with less than a foot of snow, but it’s falling just as everyone would be traveling to work or school. My two teenagers are blissfully asleep. There’s nothing better than a snow day for a school kid.

For Fletcher’s Admissions Office, a snow day on January 14 is not what we’d hope for. We should be busy opening and date-stamping mail, labeling folders, and printing applications — the glamour work for admissions folk. Instead, for the moment, we’re all at home doing a little of this and a little of that to keep the process moving. We can all access our email from home, so those of you who have contacted me or another member of the staff with questions should receive answers.

If you need information from our office, the best option for today is to email. If we end up opening for phone calls later, I’ll post another message.

If you had been planning to participate in today’s on-line chat, please note that we will need to reschedule it.

If you’re in the area, enjoy the snow!

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