In an effort to avoid repeating myself, I haven’t been writing anything at all. That wasn’t the goal, either.

It’s hard to come up with a truly inspiring topic, when the work is much the same week to week. We’re still reading our way through applications, still holding Admissions Committee meetings to discuss applications, and still scrambling to keep up with correspondence and other tasks that need to keep moving, even when there are applications to be read.

I’m working from home today. Most of my morning so far has been spent whittling down a pile of applications. (It’s vaguely satisfying to watch the “to be read” pile go down, and the “have been read” pile go up.) I also caught up on a bit of email that had built up. And then I tried to find a great topic for a blog entry. Sadly, no bright compact fluorescent light bulb has gone off over my head.

But rest assured that the process moves on. It is always our goal to ensure that all applicants have their decision letter in their hand by April 1. Sometimes international mail keeps us from that goal, but you can also access decisions on-line at the end of March. Once we have put everything in the mail, I’ll post an entry to let you know. Stay tuned!


One Response to Sorry for the Silence

  1. Rakesh Gupta says:

    Thanks for keeping this blog, As an international student it gives me some credible insight into the admissions process in the USA, especially with regards to the more selective colleges. The internet has lot of sources on how applications are rated but the step by step overview here gives it more of a human touch then the image of the mysterious machine that scans our applications according to some pre programmed code of ‘whats in’

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