I continue to struggle to think of an inspiring topic for the Admissions blog, and it made me wonder if bloggers have claimed their own sub-category of writer’s block. A quick search tells me that they have indeed. In fact, the search revealed several sites with tips to overcome “blogger’s block.” But if I spend too much time learning how to overcome the block, I’ll never post anything. So, for today, I won’t strive for inspiration.

Part of my problem is that it’s just plain old busy at work. And, as often is the case, we have our feet in multiple points of the admissions process. For example, the task that I am delaying right now is to review and revise scholarship application materials for continuing students. Earlier today, I: talked over a few cases with Laurie; received tech support for a problem I had been ignoring for the last couple of weeks; selected cases to discuss at our next Admissions Committee meeting; took care of my email, including questions from applicants who haven’t yet heard, and a few who heard they were admitted last December (Early Notification); passed some materials to Kristen (who I haven’t seen much lately); enlisted current students for help once we have admitted students; talked about scholarship review with Kate; chased down a misplaced transcript with Roxana (the school wrote the applicant’s name backward and we had it filed under her first name — aaarrrgggghhhh); etc., etc.

I’m well aware that the number of tasks is in no way extraordinary — this is, after all, a work place, not a spa — but I find the jumping from task to task inhibits my creativity! Or, anyway, that’s my story/excuse.

As for providing an update on where this year’s admissions process stands, I can say that we are on-track to have decisions out by the end of March. The number of applications that are left to be read is small, and the piles of files whose destiny is determined is large. By the end of this week, we’ll be turning toward scholarship decisions and some clean up work. Which reminds me. My next entry will describe the different decisions that Fletcher offers. At last, inspiration!!


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