Lots of vigorous sifting and sorting taking place in the Admissions Office this week. We all worked all weekend, which was very productive (with occasional moments of silliness). None of us relish two straight weeks of work, so on Saturday night we went off to do our own things, which for Laurie was a yoga class with her daughter, for Kate was a movie at home and brownie-baking for the office (thanks, Kate!!), for Roxana was a jewelry home party, for Peter was a concert by Pink Martini, and for me was a movie, The Band’s Visit. We all turned up bleary eyed, but fresh of spirit on Sunday.

So here’s where things stand for those waiting nervously. Nearly every application has both an admission decision and a financial aid decision assigned to it. We don’t release our decisions in dribs and drabs, so we won’t tell you yet by phone or email how things have turned out. Why? First, until we mail the letters, nothing is 100% final. (99% final, but there’s still the possibility of change.) Second, because sharing decisions one-by-one leads to error, and we don’t like error. And third, because telling a thousand people their decisions individually is very time consuming, and it will keep us from finishing the process.

Please rest assured that no one will be happier when the decisions are posted on-line and mailed than the staff of the Admissions Office. We’re not eager to spend another weekend here. I, for one, have a 17-year-old’s basketball tournament to attend — if his team makes the championship game, it means three days of sitting on the gym bleachers and no time for admissions work.

Once we move from 99% to 100% final, work out some technical problems currently making Roxana crazy, print letters, and lastly stuff those fat and thin envelopes, out they’ll go. I can’t see any reason why we would miss our target of mailing/posting before Friday the 20th. The only remaining question is how many days before the 20th we’ll be done. I’ll keep you posted.


10 Responses to Coming Down to the Wire

  1. Poomsanti Wairith says:

    Thank you very much for all of your hard work.We really appreciate this.

  2. Karissa Huntington says:

    Peter went to a Pink Martini concert?? I’m soo jealous! Hold on little tomato – perfect song for the waiting process.

  3. Sofija Korac says:

    I have been reading the admissions blog since I submitted my application, and wanted to thank you for the effort you put into it. I’m sure many of us are getting quite nervous to hear the decision, and reading this blog makes me feel more connected to the whole process.

  4. Shen Ying says:

    I saw many have expreesed their thankfulness here, and I’d like to add mine. Thanks so much for taking care of every applicant’s case and you’re the most responsible admission committee I’ve seen.

    Also bless other applicants to get good news!

  5. Seyed Kianoosh Kalantar says:

    Thanks for your appreciated work during the admission process at the Fletcher School! keenly waiting for hearing the decision… 🙂

  6. Justin Kram says:

    I, too, have truly appreciated the blog! Many thanks for all the work and updates.

  7. Rakesh Gupta says:

    “The Bands visit” …now that was a pleasant surprise movie , gotta applaud the director’s skill in coming up with pleasantly funny moments in what is perhaps one of most conflict fatigued places on earth

  8. Benjamin Mills says:

    Thanks for the information relevant and recent.

  9. Vikas Mehta says:

    Thanks all of you at the Admissions office and especially you, Jessica, for keeping the information going on the blog. Its been an asset. In wait………..

  10. Andy says:

    Thanks for all the blood, sweat, and tears–you guys are great!

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