Many blog readers have asked me whether everything worked out for my son, Josh, in his college application process. I can say that March brought him great news. He was admitted to many of his first-choice schools — a better result than we had dared to hope for!

Josh, as readers may know, is a sports fanatic, and March also brought good news for his high school’s basketball team when he and his teammates won the league championship. In fact, I can say that Josh’s pursuit of college admission was not so different in approach from the team’s pursuit of a championship. It’s all a big competition!

But now he’s doing the hard work of figuring out where he should end up. Attending several Open Houses. Perusing lots of web sites for admitted students. Tapping away in on-line chats. Much like Fletcher’s admitted students are doing at this time of year.

Meanwhile, I have taken advantage of all these admit packets on our kitchen counter to look at how other schools present information. Not exactly industrial espionage — more like “best practices” review. I also went with him to an open house this week and inwardly sympathized with the school’s admissions staffers who were swamped with requests for information.

Thanks to those of you who asked about Josh! By the end of this month of madness, he’ll have his choice made. In my work, I’ll enjoy learning which of Fletcher’s admitted students will have chosen to study here. Meanwhile, I’m going open house to open house — undergrad and grad — until the processes are complete.


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