It was great to meet so many newly-admitted students at this week’s Open House! The School is certainly a lot quieter today, with only our usual students and one major conference taking place! Seeing so many of you at once can challenge my memory. I can divide the students whose applications I reviewed into two groups: those whose name I didn’t grab onto (the reading pace we need to keep means that some minor details (such as the applicant’s name) don’t stick — in one eye and out the other!)  And those whose names and backgrounds are firmly stuck, and I have to resist the urge to say, “Oh, Suzy Smith!  You’re the one who traveled across South America teaching classical lute!” Not every conversation gets off to a smooth start after we reveal the tiny nugget to which your entire life has been reduced.

Many of you are moving open house to open house this week, and we know that some of you face continued contemplation before you make a decision. Keep your Fletcher decision deadline in mind, and do send us the questions that you need answered!


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