Trans-Saharan Travelers

I’m a lucky blogger today — someone else has done my writing for me! About a week ago, I heard from an incoming Fletcher student, Jessie Evans. Via email, Jessie told me this story:

After we were notified about our early admission, a group of us Boston locals got help from Peter VanDerwater in arranging an informal dinner on the Sunday night before the small Open House in January. Three of us were able to make it to dinner in Inman Square: Aparna Polavarapu, Joshua Haynes, and me. We had a great time at Punjabi Dhaba and the three of us have all gotten together a few times since to play. The twist, and what you might be interested in, is that Aparna emailed me shortly after our introduction and asked if I wanted to join her on a trip from London to Cameroon. In short, I said yes, and now two incoming students who didn’t know each other a few months ago are going on this crazy adventure together, really because Peter took the time to put us all in contact with one another. You can read about our plans on the web site we’ve set up.

Since then Jessie, on behalf of the other “Sandbox Savants,” has kept me updated on their planning and activities. I’ll post occasional updates for them, and if you’re an incoming student, get ready for some great stories from Jessie and Aparna!

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