Two updates today.

First, for students enrolling in September. You should have received an email yesterday with information on how to obtain your new Tufts email address and identification number. This marks a bit of a turning point — you’re moving along from enrolling student to just-plain-old student. And that means that the best source for answers to many of your questions is now the registrar’s office. We’re still happy to hear from you! But as you get into the details of selecting your courses and planning your studies, there will be greater authorities than even the admissions office, and we’ll forward your questions as necessary.

Second, for students continuing to wait on the Wait List. By May 1, as I wrote previously, the class was looking pretty much complete, but May 1 is way too early to be sure. (Students request deferrals through May, or have sudden changes in plans well into the summer.) We have admitted a small handful of students off the Wait List, and it’s possible we’ll admit a few more (trying, as usual, to wrap up the process as soon as we can). But given how few wait listed students have been admitted so far, I wanted to pass along the word that not having heard from us yet doesn’t mean you’ve been passed by. And this, I should say, is true for both the MALD and MIB programs. I’ll continue to post news on the Wait List when we have it.


2 Responses to Updates

  1. Beka says:

    I wanted to second the sentiment. Everytime I start thinking that I haven’t heard anything in awhile and that maybe I should call to find out what’s going on, I check this blog and find an update. Thank you for being a reassuring resource for those of us still in the nail-biter wait list stage.

  2. Yordanka Kraykova says:

    Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for this update. I am on the wait list and have been checking the blog regularly. Just knowing what is happening over at admissions is making the wait a lot easier.
    This post is also an opportunity to thank you for the book and restaurant recommendations, which I will definitely take advantage of regardless of the admissions decision.
    This blog, as many others said, is a wonderful idea. Thank you.

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