After my last post, I was asked about the personal statement for the application (which currently is unavailable on-line, while we update it). Here’s the question we ask our applicants:

Why are you interested in studying at The Fletcher School? Describe your career objectives, and explain how graduate study at Fletcher will help you achieve your professional goals. If you are planning to pursue a joint degree, please be sure to address this interest in your personal statement.

In addition, all applicants are asked to submit a supplemental essay. The two options from which they can choose are:

· Share something about yourself to help the Admissions Committee develop a more complete picture of who you are.

· Describe a situation in which you have influenced the views of a person or group. What was the impact of your persuasion?

Hope that’s helpful for your planning and preparation!


2 Responses to A to the Q

  1. The length guidelines are 500 to 700 words for the personal statement, and 300 to 400 words for the supplemental essay. I’m sure there will be a future post on keeping to the guidelines. Meanwhile, a good reason to start writing early is to give yourself plenty of time to write, edit, rewrite, and edit some more.

  2. Dawn Neal says:

    Thank you, Jessica! By the way, are there any guidelines as to the number of words these essays should be?

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