It’s amazing how quickly it feels like summer never happened.  Fletcher is so busy!  My office shares a wall with the Hall of Flags, and I can hear students meeting, greeting, and shuffling up the stairs to ASEAN Auditorium all day.

Two of us will start the admissions travel season next week.  I’m generally the most office-rooted member of the staff, but I’ll be in NY for an Idealist Grad School Fair on Wednesday.  Peter’s heading much further afield — to South America for APSIA Fairs in Quito, Bogota, and Lima.  Everyone else will soon be packing up clothing and brochures and heading to destinations near and far.

And now is a good time for applicants to get their own process underway.  (Even those of you still undecided on whether to apply this year!)  Here are some things you can/should do:

*Connect with us so that we can send you brochures, updates on events near you, and dates to join us for on-line chat sessions.

*Come visit!  Attend an information session, sit in on a class, or participate in an evaluative interview.  Interviews are a really useful aspect of the admissions process, and I strongly encourage applicants to participate in one (though those who can’t make the trip are at no disadvantage).  A quick check of the interview schedule tells me that some days are already near-to-full, though generally there are appointments available on just about any day you might need one.

*Check our travel calendar and find out if we will be visiting you!

And keep these dates in mind:

*October 15:  Deadline for applications for January enrollment in the MALD program.

*November 15:  Early Notification deadline for MALD, MA, MIB, and LLM programs.

*January 1:  Application deadline for PhD program.

*January 15:  Regular Deadline for applications to MALD, MA, MIB, and LLM programs.

Now’s a good time to set a date for your standardized tests, and to line up your recommenders.

As always, contact us if you have questions!


One Response to Come on Over!

  1. Eddie Garcia says:

    I was in Bogota recruiting at the same time Fletcher was at the APSIA recruiting. Small world!

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