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Hey, new readers of the blog!  Have you noticed that there’s a Category (link on the left side of the page) that collects the Admissions Tips we’ve handed out in the last year?  If not, give it a click.  Today, Kristen (with help from Roxana) provides a suggestion on how not to communicate with us.

LOL. we r not doing that when u write 2 us like we r ur bff.  i like my job, but i also like good grammar.

Forgive me if I’m not using proper IM-speak here, but I’m a generation too old to be fluent. In Admissions, we certainly understand that time is of the essence when you are balancing grad school applications, jobs, and other activities. Emails that are short and sweet are appreciated. Emails that are legible and professional are appreciated even more. Fletcher is a professional school, and when we assess your candidacy, we are also considering your potential to succeed in the job market.

Many of you are perfectly professional in your correspondence with us, but others are…ahem…a tad informal. While you may find proper grammar irrelevant, from our end it’s much appreciated, along with capitalization and, in particular, fully spelled-out words.

For your own sake, remember that one of your emails might just end up in your application file.

Thx 4 reading! C u L8ter 😉

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