This morning, we all typed our fingers to the bone during the admissions season’s first on-line chat.  Today’s post is from Peter, our resident chat moderator.

If you are reading this blog, chances are you’re a frequent visitor to our website.  This means you’ve probably already taken a look at the faculty pages, student profiles, course listings, and admissions deadlines.  You’ve likely spent some time looking over the career services section and glanced at our alumni network. You’ve probably also noticed the liberal use of the word “connection” on our website — between disciplines, fields, sectors, students, faculty, alumni, employers, etc.  As you’ve inevitably gathered, this word is important to many aspects of the Fletcher experience — including the pre-Fletcher experience.  While many of you have signed up on the “Connect With Us & Learn More” page, others may be a bit put off by mailing lists and have decided to remain anonymous until your application is finally submitted.  While this is certainly understandable, you may be missing out on some important pieces that will help you through the admission process.  By connecting with Fletcher, you’ll receive important information we send out, including:

–Fletcher publications, such as our Viewbook, Course Bulletin, and The Fletcher News (our alumni newsletter).

–Fletcher “News Flashes,” showcasing events, news items, and publications from the extended Fletcher network of students, faculty and alumni.

–Invitations to online chats with staff, current students and faculty.  (Those of you currently signed up are already aware that the first chats of the season are this week!)

–Information about potential admissions visits or invitations to alumni events in your area.

That said, we are always mindful of the technological hassles and environmental implications of an overflowing inbox/mailbox and do our best not to inundate you with frivolous mailings—of either the physical and electronic kind.  I wish you the best of luck as you explore your graduate school options and we look forward to connecting with you!


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