Writing the blog is something I fit into bits of time, here and there, whenever I can.  Although the blog is among my job responsibilities (one I particularly enjoy), when I’m busiest, it’s hard to set aside everything else and get to it.  This was one of those weeks.

What are we up to here at Fletcher?

Travel season is creeping toward its conclusion.  Kate and Laurie are away now but back next week.  I have only one more local visit.  Kristen’s just on her way to Asia — which I think is the last long trip anyone will take.  (I’m pestering Kristen for some guest posts, so more on her trip soon, I hope.)

Laurie and I spent a day last week selecting the student members of the MALD/MA Committee on Admissions, and Kristen and I held interviews for the MIB Committee.  It’s always exciting and fun to form the Committees.

And, we’re about midway through review of the applications for January enrollment.

Somehow, despite the quick work pace this week, we tend to see the busiest part of the admissions season as coming after November 15.  That’s the deadline for the Early Notification applications, and we will run through the four months that follow with barely a chance for a deep breath.

But I’ll keep trying to post to the blog.  I’ll certainly try to do better than I have this week!


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