Kristen and I were talking to an MIB student, Tatiana, earlier this week.  She gave one of the speeches at the 75th Anniversary celebration last Friday, and she was describing the experience (her first speech before such a large audience) to Kristen and me.

Kristen started a comment like this: “And you were speaking before your peers….”  And Tatiana finished the sentence, but not how Kristen or I expected her to.  We both thought she would say that speaking before one’s peers is always a little extra stressful.  Instead, Tatiana said that speaking before her Fletcher peers was easy, because everyone was rooting her on!

In Admissions, we always talk about the nature and value of the Fletcher community but, of course, we’re not students.  It’s great to have the spirit of this collegial community confirmed and reinforced for us by one of its members.


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