Moving on to EN

The first of the fall’s admissions processes, to choose our future Januarians, is now complete.  Decisions have been posted and mailed, and our new students can jump into the task of leaving jobs, studying spring course offerings, finding apartments, etc., etc.  All those things that need to be done before starting grad study, but will be compressed into a period of less than two months.

At the other end of the spectrum, in terms of planning time, are successful Early Notification applicants.  EN applications for September 2009 entry are due this Saturday, November 15, and applicants who are admitted will have nearly nine months to transform themselves into graduate students.  Plenty of time to systematically rent out a house, sell a car, buy a student backpack, etc., etc.

For the Admissions staff, the EN process is a whirlwind.  We receive far more applications than for January enrollment, but can still take only about a month to wrap everything up.  Thankfully, we’re able to rely on much more help!  Student members of the Admissions Committee hover around the office, ready to pounce on (and read) applications as soon as they are complete.

This is the start of the heart of the admissions cycle for us.  All the travel, preparation of marketing materials, answering email, interviewing, tweaking processes…it’s all backdrop for what’s in front of us, reviewing and deciding on applications.  Lots of fun, soon to come!

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