Well, I’m afraid I did.  On Monday, while I wrote my blog entry, I naively thought the orderly scene in the “back office” indicated a still-sane work flow.  Wrong!  Even by then we had fallen behind the pace at which mail arrived and, with student workers still on vacation, it’s all-hands-on-deck for the admissions staff.  We all have our preferred tasks, and those we shun.  Personally, I’m very happy to semi-mindlessly open mail.  (Cutting the envelope open is mindless.  Making sure that nothing is left in the envelope before it’s recycled requires some mindfulness.)  I’m not as wild about filing.

Maximum craziness will hit us next week and it will take us at least a week to dig out from all the mail, not to mention the applications, which arrive electronically but are then turned into yet more paper.  Fortunately, student workers will be back next week and we should be ready to fight back the tide.


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