We’re not 100% done with our application reading, but there is unlikely to be enough to fuel any of us for a full day at home, so today was probably my last reading day until next winter.  While I admit that it’s getting harder to keep still when confronting a pile of files, I will definitely miss my reading days.  Just me, my Garfield pencil case, and a stack of applications, alone together.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve “met” talented people from around the world, all of whom hope to do interesting things when they complete their graduate studies.  I’ve read a lot of essays about challenges, family heritage, and travels.  I’ve read recommendation letters that are incredibly informative and deeply touching.  I know how much time and energy goes into the creation of each page of an application.

The next few weeks will be filled with last bits of reading, and with processing — assigning decisions and scholarship awards, and packing up the materials for admitted students.  I’ll try to post regularly to keep you aware of what’s going on.

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One Response to Farewell to Reading Days. Until next winter.

  1. Juan says:

    Dear Jessica,

    I think this blog is an amazing idea! It is really helpful, specially for international students, as myself, to gain access to the Admissions Department perspective on the process, to which American applicants might be more familiar to.



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