Well, maybe it’s a little unreasonable to think Mother Nature is trying to get in the way of the Fletcher admissions process, given that the entire stretch from North Carolina to Maine is grappling with a heavy snowfall.  So I won’t take it personally that the snow led Tufts, along with many other universities and 600 other local schools, to close for the day.

The snow is beautiful, but it will slow our progress as we try to wrap up the admissions process.  We have a target decision date in mind, and we’ll see whether we need to push the date back, or just work a whole lot harder to make up for today.  (By the way, the reason I don’t share the decision date is to give our small staff a little flexibility, given the possibility of snowstorms or other delay-creating conditions.  Let’s just say our aim is to complete everything as soon as possible.)

In a rare moment of foresight, I stopped by Fletcher yesterday and picked up a box of files and other work.  I was on my way to the Arlington Capitol Theater to see Waltz With Bashir.  I had heard the weather forecast, and I thought I just might want to have a little extra work at the ready.  As soon as I finish writing my blog post, I’ll go back to the applications.

If you need to reach us, the best option for the day will be email.  We’ll all be back in the office tomorrow.  If you’re on the East Coast of the U.S., enjoy the snow!


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