I’m about to head into the last meeting of this year’s MALD/MA Admissions Committee.  The other programs’ Committees are also wrapping up the process, and either held their last meetings this week or are planning one last session for next week.  (I should say that all the Committees continue to meet as needed to work on Wait List or other issues throughout the spring, but the sessions are less formally scheduled and certainly much shorter than the four (or more??) hours we’ll clock today.)

And, unfortunately, a major distraction looms just outside our meeting room.  The Fares Center has a two-day conference on the Obama administration’s foreign policy challenges in the Middle East.  Several Committee members want or need to attend.  And who could blame them?  It looks so interesting.  But the process must go on, so we’ll make accommodations as necessary and plow forward.

Admissions staff will work through the weekend as we stare down the final stretch.  I’ll keep you posted!


2 Responses to Last Committee Meeting

  1. Khartini Khalid says:

    Hi Jessica,

    I think it’s really cool for the Admissions office to have a blog, and I must tell you that in this nail-biting awfully nerve wrecking period of waiting for responses, it is nice to have updates on the process.

    It has also given me a clearer understanding of how the applications are processed, and I appreciate your time in putting posts up in the midst of your busy schedule! Thank you very much and please take a coffee break every now and then!


  2. Mariano says:


    Definitely excitingly nervous times for us applicants. I’ve RSSed this blog since before visiting Fletcher last year and it has definitely made my anxiety levels go down, and my excitement levels go up!

    Thanks Jessica (and all the people in the Office of Admissions) for keeping up with a wonderfully balanced blog.



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