Friday’s meeting was very gratifying.  Not only did we consider a record number of applications, but Committee members actually chose to go overtime in order to complete the roster.  (Who ever wants to stay for an extra half hour, when the meeting has already run for four?)  We took a break for a nice lunch (mealtime conversation topic:  Pakistan/weapons programs/nuclear proliferation), but otherwise we kept focused on the task at hand.

Laurie, Kate and I were talking about how well this year’s Committee came together.  Some of my favorite moments yesterday were hearing the students take the lead in maintaining the highest of standards, as well as having a chance to draw on a student’s expertise on universities in her home state of Ohio (a strange clustering of Ohio applications at yesterday’s meeting), or on another student’s observations on the experience of political activists in his home country.

Also super nice was hearing the professors support applicants whose own professors didn’t have the nerve to suggest that the applicant find a different recommender.  Honestly, sometimes we wonder why people write the things they do.

Aside from the snow day, last week was generally very productive in the office, and we’re spared from needing to work all weekend.  I woke up early today and decided to put in a few hours to take care of things that should have been done weeks ago (oops).  Laurie is giving herself the day off today, but both she and Kate were talking about working tomorrow.  I wasn’t among those who worked quite late on Wednesday and Thursday, but Peter was, and he is ice-fishing for smelt this weekend.  We all find ways to fit in the work that needs doing.

From here, we finish entering data (admissions and scholarship decisions), start creating letters, proofread letters, and pack up materials.  While this work is routine, it is also the type that attracts errors.  We’ll take the time we need, all the while aiming to remain on schedule to mail by the target date (which, as I’ve mentioned, is “as soon as possible”).


2 Responses to Decisions made? Check.

  1. Thanks for raising the question, Jeff! Yes, decisions will be available on-line. (Sorry about the pins and needles!)

  2. Jeff Schneider says:

    Wow… the pins and needles are crazy this time of year! Thanks for all the info about the process, it makes waiting for a decision much easier. (three cheers for transparency!)
    Will we be able to see our decisions online before the mailing?

    thanks again!


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