The Admissions staff was alternately productive and relaxed over the weekend.  Mother Nature cooperated this time, providing us with two fantastic spring-like days.  Today she’s back to her wily ways, dropping big heavy wet snowflakes on the morning commute.

Back in the office, we’ve reached a landmark point:  We’re ready to alphabetize the application files for admitted applicants.  Right now, everything is lumped in distressing piles on the floor.  (Well, not distressing to us — we’re used to it.)  We alphabetize them only when we’re sure we know exactly who is going to be admitted, and the decisions have been entered in our database.

While you’re waiting for us to finish our work, you may want to do a bit of preparation of your own.  Back when your application was first complete, you received an email with the information you would need to log on to the Tufts Application Management System.  Many of our applicants have already logged on.  If you’re not among them, you may find the original email stored in some super special secret place.  Now is the time to dig it out of that secret place, because you’ll need to log on to access your decision.

I’m raising this now because, every year, there are applicants who contact us in April:  “I still haven’t received my decision.”  It turns out they lost the login information.  The decision is there for them to see, but they can’t access it.

So check your email inbox and find that message.  (It would have reached you when your application was uploaded, complete with all online recommendations, not the day you first submitted it.)  If you can’t find it, go back to the Application Management System site, where you can click “Don’t know your username and password.”  You’ll soon be in business.

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3 Responses to Time to get your login ducks in a row

  1. SG says:

    But when Jessica? When will that day come? I am going to be crazy while waiting… I need a barrel of valium 🙂

  2. Yes, NP, we’ll send out an email to check the Application Management System. Thanks for prompting me to clarify this for other readers!

  3. NP says:


    Wondering if applicants will receive a notification to their registered email address that a decision has been posted on the Application Management System.

    (If not, ill find myself checking the Application Management System every 2 mins…)


    Thank you for the updates.

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