As the second-to-last person in the Boston area to hear this (Kate told me, and I told my husband, Paul, which makes him the last — but he was in Chicago yesterday, which gives him an excuse.  Well, whatever…), I want to ensure that you, blog reader, are in the know:  U2 will be playing tonight at nearby Davis Square’s Somerville Theater.  No stadium pyrotechnics needed (or desirable) in the 900-seat venue.

I hope Bono and co. will take advantage of their visit to explore the Museum of Bad Art, conveniently located within the theater.  During our first visit to MOBA, my daughter, Kayla, and I laughed until tears trickled down our faces.  It wasn’t mean-spirited laughter at the “art,” but rather mirthful appreciation for the well-crafted explanatory descriptions next to each piece.  Ordinarily, you need a movie ticket to enter MOBA, but I suspect allowances would be made for the band.

This is my second post within the day, and neither had to do with the task that the staff is tackling so assiduously in the back office.  Rest assured — we’re making progress.  Roxana just printed the first batch of letters, which she and Kate are proofreading.

Rock on!


3 Responses to More breaking news (admissions unrelated)

  1. Chandra Shekhar says:


    Thanks a lot for taking time amidst such a hectic schedule to answering our queries.


  2. Hi Chandra,

    I would love to give you a firm date, but I don’t think we’re ready yet. What we don’t want to do is raise everyone’s expectations, fail to meet them, and then face a zillion phone calls and emails wondering why decisions aren’t out. (Which would delay us even further….)

    I can tell you that we’re definitely moving right along. Of course, the decisions can be released electronically before the paperwork is done, and we’ll go ahead as soon as we can. I’m still hedging because (among other reasons) the entire University’s email went down yesterday.

    But…I’ll go out on a firm limb and say that we will definitely post decisions within five business days of today (i.e. by next Wednesday morning). I hope you will all know by Monday — but that is a “hope” not a promise.

    Back to processing for me!

  3. Chandra Shekhar says:

    Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for updating us about the admission proceedings, which make the wait less painful! Would be great if you could kindly tell us when MALD admission decisions would be available, this Friday?

    Many thanks.

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