Being aware that, though the busiest two weeks of the year have just passed, we’re not exactly in a period of rest and relaxation, I checked my email early this morning.  There was a message from an applicant who had received a message from the Office, so he knows his decision has been posted, but he can’t access the decision.

I forwarded the message to tech-guru Roxana, who says:  “This is a technical problem that our IT people would have to fix.  It could be that everyone is trying to check their account at the same time, and it’s causing the server to crash. I’ll send an email to our tech team and see if they can do anything from home.  Technical difficulties happen when 1800 people try to check one site at the same time.”

In other words, we’re on the case…but we also need to ask for your patience.  We managed to get many (but not all!) decisions out yesterday, but now we’re encountering a glitch, as well as the fact that there are people wondering why they haven’t heard.  The IT people to whom Roxana referred are not part of Fletcher Admissions — it’s the team that supports the application for all Tufts University grad schools — so we can’t solve the problem “in-house.”

The final decisions will be posted Monday morning (barring unforeseen systems problems).  The glitches affecting applicants whose decisions have been posted may be cleared today or tomorrow, but will certainly be fixed on Monday.

Thank you for hanging in there patiently!


3 Responses to The Downside of Posting Decisions on Friday

  1. Because I’m at home now, I’m not able to figure out exactly what went out yesterday, but I believe it was a mix, depending on the degree program. As I’ve said, everything remaining will go out on Monday. I’m sorry that not everything went out at once, but I believe the staff ran out of time last night. Grad Cafe and other sites complicate our work, though we understand how useful they are for our applicants.

  2. Chandra Shekhar says:

    From the Fletcher blog, would I be correct in assuming that you have only posted the admits and wait lists as of now? Would all the rejects be posted on Monday then? My status on their website is still “Your admissions decision will be found here when it is made available.” Please, please clarify. Can one still be optimistic?

  3. Robert says:

    From you’re post yesterday at 4:35, some got the impression that acceptances, rejections, and wait-listings would all be sent out as groups. On Grad Cafe, there have only been postings of acceptances and wait-listings. Can you tell us whether or not there still remain acceptances to be sent out?

    Also, thank you for all of your hard work. I know it must be hectic!

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