This week is spring break at Tufts, and there aren’t a whole lot of Fletcher students around.  The quiet gives us a chance to catch up on work and start to reach out to admitted students.

To those of you who have been admitted:  Congratulations and hooray!  This was a very competitive year for admission.  We reviewed more applications than we have in many years (since the brief peak following 9/11), and there were many highly experienced candidates.  We’re going to look at our numbers, and I may have a little analysis to offer later in the spring.

Meanwhile, I hope that you are all exploring your options, both at Fletcher and at other schools to which you have been admitted.  Attend the Open House, if you can take the time away from your daily routine — it’s a great chance not only to hear what we have to say, but also to meet other admitted students and hear about what they’re thinking.

And many of you probably find you have a much better sense of what you want out of grad school than you did in January.  The “quiet period,” between when you submit the application and when you hear from schools, can be a productive and valuable time to clarify your goals.  Check out the Fletcher web site, consider what courses you’ll want to take, contact current students, participate in on-line chats…In other words, you’re in the driver’s seat now!  Make sure you drive your grad school car in the right direction!  We want all of our students to be both successful and happy with their choice.


2 Responses to Congratulations Admitted Students!

  1. I’m sorry to say that we can’t accommodate both admitted students and those who were offered a spot on the wait list. The School bursts at the seams during Open House, and adding to the visiting population would make the day less than useful for everyone.

    Do consider a visit at another time in the spring. Contact us, and we’d be happy to try to match you up with a current student. Also, you have another five weeks or so of the spring semester during which you can attend a class.

  2. Joyelle Lee says:

    Hi Jessica,

    Are waitlisted students allowed to attend the Open House?

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