The Admissions Office is a pretty quiet place right now, what with Kate’s office awaiting its new occupant, and Kristen at home with Baby Lucia.  Plus, where only a week ago we had a vibrant student community, now we have a collection of exhausted exam takers.  Maybe it’s not quite so dire, but it’s certainly quiet.

As the students prepare to leave, the “heading out of town” emails start zipping back and forth.  Rides needed and offered, “stuff” for sale, descriptions of summer sublets and fall apartment openings.  The most interesting emails don’t have to do with any of those mundane topics.  The ones I enjoy are the “best place for malaria drugs” and ways to cope with the nationwide shortage of yellow fever vaccine.  The ever-clever students all seem to know of a route that will enable them to pick up the vaccine, as they travel from the campus to their yellow-fever hot-zone destination.

Fletcher’s Summer School program will start this month, but it’s fair to say that the building is barely populated for much of the summer.  It’s an annual opportunity for us to catch up on time-consuming tasks and even to take a vacation.  Among the activities that will continue to keep us busy are preparing fall travel, creating and posting our fall interview schedule, redesigning our application, and meeting with incoming students, as well as wait-listed applicants.

If you do choose to visit, just be aware that the School doesn’t look like this from September through April.  It’s ordinarily very difficult to walk throughout the building without running into someone for a quick chat.  Now it’s all too easy!  But if you’re here, we’ll do our best to make your visit worthwhile.


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