Today’s advice is again in answer to the question:  What do you wish you had known before coming to Fletcher?  What would you recommend incoming students do in the summer before their first semester (eg., go to the beach, read novels, take statistics, travel around the world, sleep, etc.)? This time, I selected the thoughts of two students on how to get “mentally” ready.

First, Hana Ryba Cervenka, our Norwegian MALD student writes directly to our blog readers:

Dear incoming students!

I understand that you are psyched about coming to Fletcher — you have all the reason in the world to be! — and I understand that you want to prepare.  I am sure you feel you should spend the summer reviewing all those negotiation theories, stats and econ, and whatnot.  About a year ago, I felt the same way; I even asked for summer reading suggestions from the professors.

My advice is simple:  Don’t do it!  Take a break and get some “you-time” instead!  All of you — I repeat: all of you — are qualified to go to Fletcher.  You have excellent academic records and amazing experience.  That’s why you’ve been admitted, so don’t feel like you have to add further stress to your life by preparing academically, or by taking on another five internships this summer.

Fletcher is intense and you’ll need a lot of energy to keep up.  Most people who come here have led intense lives for as long as they can remember.  So take my advice, and take a break!  Be nice to yourself, allow yourself to recharge so that you are fit and ready to go when you get here.

Have a wonderful summer, I look forward to meeting you all, fresh and well-rested, in the fall!

Januarian Erika Tabacniks echoes Hana’s thoughts, and writes:  “Before coming to Fletcher, have fun.  See your family.  Hang out with your friends.  Do what you love to do the most.  Drive your car.  See everyone you love.  Enjoy your bed and your sofa.  Watch TV.  Talk about unimportant things.  Go out and stay out all night.  Hug everyone you know.  Take your parents out for dinner.  Pack light.”

So, for now, that’s the students’ advice.  Next week, I’ll turn to some recommendations from the professors.  And this isn’t the last word from the students, who will turn up now and then throughout the summer with additional thoughts.


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