So, I have to admit:  I was the lucky recipient of a tip earlier this week on Joshua Haynes and Yanina Seltzer’s award.  The tip came from my chief newshound, Jessie Evans, and without her, I would have needed to think of my own topic for a blog post.  Jessie and I go way back to her pre-enrollment days, when I wrote a few posts about her Sandbox Savants adventure.  Strangely, she was at Fletcher for half the year before we finally met, but we’ve been in semi-regular contact.  So, with Jessie’s permission, I thought I’d share the email message in which she followed up on my thanks for the tip, and described her summer activities.  Here it is:

Ah well, it’s all thanks to technology.  Between Twitter, Facebook, my RSS feed, and e-mails and Skype chats with friends all around the globe, I’m able to pretty much keep up on Fletcher news.  🙂

I must say, I’m a little jealous to hear that the Admissions Office is quiet.  Here in D.C., things are moving at typical D.C. pace (really, really fast!).  I’ve been working long, long days at my summer internship at the Pentagon.  I really like my colleagues and the work!  I’m not sure if it’s just my office (the policy shop working on African Affairs), but even as an intern, I’ve got substantive work and I’m having fun!  It turns out there are a lot of good people here who are interested in creative and peaceful solutions to conflict.  They placed me with the East Africa and Sudan Desk, and I have primarily been working on Somalia and Sudan issues.  Hmmmm, maybe that’s why I am so busy?

Besides work, I try to squeeze in happy hours with Fletcher friends and other folks from my past.  I’m still doing some work on an evaluation for Professor Church, but I hope to wrap that up soon, so I can get more sleep in the coming months. 🙂

I’ll get to visit Reuben (Reuben Levy, whom I think you know from his work over in the Registrar’s office) in Jakarta/Bali in August, at the end of his internship with the ILO in Jakarta.  While I love my summer internship, I can’t WAIT for two weeks of UNCONNECTED vacation!

That’s it from me.  The ever-so-typical, atypical life of a Fletcher student on her summer break!

Hope you’re enjoying your summer and finding ways to escape outside and play in the sun!



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