Last fall, I wrote about alum Charles Scott and his plan to bicycle the length of Japan with his son, Sho.  They had been thinking about the ride for some time, but the plans were still in the earliest phase then.  Now they’re on the road!

To recap the Fletcher angle on all of this:  Charles graduated 15 years ago, along with his wife Eiko.  He works at Intel; she works for the UN.  A perfect Fletcher couple.

The bike ride evolved in complexity over the course of the year, particularly with its tie-in to the UN Environment Programme.  Check out the web site Charles and Sho set up to describe (in English and Japanese) their planning.  (Note that their FAQs page specifically addresses the question, “Are you crazy?”)  Or find out why UNEP included Charles and Sho among their Climate Heroes!

To share the adventure from the comfort of your computer, check out their blog, or follow them on twitter.  They’re only a few days into the two-month ride, but you can already get a sense of what’s ahead of them.


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