Hey, all you advance planners!  You can now book your fall visit to Fletcher.  Our expanded (18% bigger than last year!) evaluative interview schedule is in place, including new 8:15 and 4:15 appointments.  The easiest way to book a slot is by phone to +617.627.3040, but you can also contact us by email.

Are you among the many applicants who think they’ll hold off until November or December to visit?  Yes?  Well, then, I especially encourage you to make the arrangements now!  By November, all of the year’s interview slots will have been taken.  The later the visit, the earlier you need to plan!  We’ll offer a complete interview calendar, with most sessions led by students, through Thursday, December 10.  From that point forward, staff members will conduct a very limited number of interviews (with even more limited help from a student or two) , and all interviewing is complete by January 15.

A word on our interview policy.  Evaluative interviews are strictly optional, though they are a very useful addition to an application.  Unfortunately, we’re not set up for either phone interviews or off-site interviews, but there’s no penalty if you can’t travel to campus.  Although there’s no “best time” for an interview, I tend to recommend that you visit before you actually submit the application.  To prepare for your visit, it’s a good idea to have thought through your objectives and to know a bit about Fletcher.

And a visit to campus doesn’t need to be limited to an interview.  We’ll offer Information Sessions on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays, and you can also sit in on classes.

We hope to see you at Fletcher for a fall visit.  Grab your interview slot now.


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