In addition to expanding our interview schedule slightly, we’re going to try something new this fall.  Applicants to Fletcher’s PhD program will have the option to attend a PhD Visit Day on October 5, October 26, or November 16.  On those days, in addition to our general Information Session, we’ll offer a session specially designed to answer the questions of PhD applicants.

If you’re planning to apply directly to the PhD program, I encourage you to schedule your visit for one of the PhD days.  Before you do, though, make sure to check out the information on the Fletcher web site.  Start with the Applying for the PhD page and click around until you’re sure it’s the right program for you.  In particular, note the requirement that applicants’ pre-Fletcher master’s degree should come from a program similar in content and duration to our two-year MALD program.  If you don’t currently have a master’s degree (or plan to earn your degree by 2010), you should apply to the MALD program, with the option of applying to the PhD program when you complete the MALD.

If you have questions about PhD days, be sure to contact us!


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