I received  a welcome but surprising call from one of our students the other day.  Anne is sweltering away in Houston, while I’m enjoying the Boston area’s cool but lovely summer.  She didn’t really call to discuss the weather, though.  Her true intention was to let me know about a trip that she and fellow students in the International Business Club are planning.  Billed as the First International Business Trip, they’re going to Dubai!

The trip will take place over spring break next March, and will be open to all Fletcher students, whether or not they are focusing on business.  To meet the multiple needs of differently focused students, the club is planning meetings with both business execs and policy makers, so Dubai’s extraordinary growth can be viewed through a private or public sector lens.

If you’re one of our incoming students, you’ll be able to gather details at the Student Organization Fair in September.  I’ll make a mental note to ask the students to send travel tales to the blog while they’re away.

I should also note that, though this is the first student-led trip of this sort, international business has been an integral part of Fletcher’s curriculum for, roughly, forever.  In recent years, though, particularly with the addition of the MIB program, the group of students with a business focus has grown in size and energy.  A plus for everyone in the community!


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