I decided to keep myself busy this weekend, and there was plenty out there to choose from.  I was off on Friday, so I’ll start my recounting on Thursday.

After Thursday’s Admissions Office retreat, I threw together a quick dinner before Paul (my husband) and I took Kayla (my 15-year-old daughter) to see the visiting tour of Rent.  Paul and I had seen it way back in the day, but it was fun to go with Kayla.  All the more so because the show was sold out, with (it appeared) most seats occupied by local or out-of-towner “Rentheads.”  We shared a row with a group of friends from Italy, and they sang along with most of the songs.

Friday was a mix of get-togethers with friends, and chores — not worth describing in detail.

On Saturday, I started the day with a bike ride along the Charles River, starting in Cambridge and winding through Boston and Watertown.  At 2:00, Paul and I went to the Museum of Fine Arts.  I had wanted to see the Greene and Greene exhibition, but we also really enjoyed “Seeing Songs.”

After an early dinner back at home, we set off with Kayla to see our newest local sports team, the Boston Breakers.  This is the second go-round for a women’s professional soccer league, and the Breakers have found a loyal following both times.  A fun place to watch sports, and great to see the amazing Kristine Lilly in action.

A bit more of a leisurely pace on Sunday.  Paul and I left our sleeping teenagers and headed to Revere Beach, for an early morning of reading the newspaper over a cup of coffee in front of the sea.  We’re fans of Revere, which is an urban oasis, accessible by T (subway).  I enjoy both the early morning atmosphere, with families and walkers speaking a dozen different languages, and the afternoon scene, characterized by Brazilians playing soccer on the sand.

Boston’s compact size makes it perfect for pursuing multiple activities in a weekend.  I don’t always choose to dash from place to place, but I enjoy the knowledge that, if that’s what I want to do, I’ll have lots of options.


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